About Mimoka

Covers up areas without hair

Hair loss is a problem that is affecting millions of people more and more across the world. With Mimoka you can forget about that and cover up hair loss in an instant. Use our hair fibers to cover up baldness.

Fibras capilares Mimoka

They adhere in just a few seconds

Natural result

Thicker hair

They resist external agents

For all types of hair

They come out with water and shampoo


Currently you can buy Mimoka products in any part of Europe. Place your order online and we’ll bring it right to your doorstep.

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Recibe fibras capilares Mimoka

How can I buy from Mimoka?

01. Finalise your order

Place your order for the product which you want to buy.

02.We prepare your order

The team at Mimoka will prepare your package carefully.

03. Have it in your hand.

A courier will deliver it to the address given within approximately 24/48 hours.